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Become A Stavrou Method Affiliate... And begin earning income TWO WAYS

There’s truly never been a better time to be an Affiliate Entrepreneur. And there’s never been a more comprehensive fitness and fat-loss program, with so much expert scientific and medical input and backing than…The Stavrou Method:Your 12-Week Day-By-Day Guide To Health, Wellness, And Fat Loss For All Levels by #1 Best-Selling fitness author George Stavrou Start promoting and profiting TODAY – it’s free to get started! Become a Stavrou Method Affiliate today…

CLICK HERE  to sign up as a sub-affiliate of Willie Crawford’ will take your customers to this page where they can purchase The Stavrou Methodalso known as TSM for a low investment of only $127US!

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Become a Stavrou Method Affiliate today…Click on the link below to sign up as a sub-affiliate of Willie Crawford

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While we do provide swipe copy for you, we HIGHLY recommend that you change it so that it is in YOUR voice. We recommend you provide a bonus that complements our pkg.Here’s a link to a special video that Willie Crawford created to helpyou with your bonus offering and winning affiliate sales contests

The Stavrou Method is the 12-week program that guides you step-by-step and day-by-day to a leaner, healthier you … and can also provide you a healthy ongoing income stream simply for promoting it to your clients or subscribers.  Every sale of one of our training packages through your exclusive affiliate link earns you a commission of 60%. You earn even more when they join our membership site because you get 60% of their monthly fee.

The Stavrou Method – aka The Package – retails for $127US. Our membership site is valued at $37US/month. 

Just what IS an Affiliate Program… and how does it work? Affiliate sales and marketing is a promotional and profit-sharing arrangement indulged in by everyone from online info-marketing entrepreneurs to major corporations like Amazon, e-Bay, and even Sony.  As an affiliate sales partner, you simply promote our products to other people, and earn commissions on every sale made to them.

We provide you with a specially-coded affiliate link that directs these people to our website at (as mentioned above) and keeps track of every purchase, automatically linking it to your affiliate account. When anyone clicks on your affiliate link, visits our site, and orders The Stavrou Method … YOU receive a commission equal to 60% .  Use this special link in e-mails and newsletters … on your website … in articles, blog posts, and forums … or in any other form of online communication with your customers and subscribers. You never need to even think about staffing, ordering, collecting payments, shipping, inventory, dealing with customers, returns and refunds, or anything else. Just keep on promoting … and your affiliate commissions will keep on being deposited automatically and instantly to your PayPal account by JVZoo – managers of our affiliate program. 

JVZoo is one of the largest affiliate sales networks in the world, and they flawlessly look after all our affiliate sales tracking and commission pay-outs.  N.B. – If you don’t have a PayPal account already, don’t worry. It’s quite easy. Just visit and follow the instructions on their website. 

You also get access to all sorts of materials you can use to promote our products and build your business … like articles, e-mails, newsletter blurbs, and notification of special promotions. We even provide you lessons in building your list, and developing a profitable affiliate sales business. Of course, we’ll be adding to this resource library of marketing tools on a regular basis, to help you succeed bigger and faster.  All you have to do is “cut and paste” our turn-key marketing tools into your web-site or other communications … and you can begin making sales immediately.  Affiliate programs are a perfect opportunity to leverage yourself and earn additional income with minimal effort. All you need is a website or e-mailing list, an affiliate link, and a dedication to promoting The Stavrou Method.

But is THIS the right product and affiliate program for YOU?  Anyone with a website, e-zine, blog or online newsletter … whose clients, subscribers, or web site visitors might be wanting to lose fat quickly and easily – and keep it off while firming, toning and enjoying more robust good health … without drugs, fad diets, or goofy gimmicks……could do extremely well with The Stavrou Method Affiliate Sales Program.  And any online marketer or entrepreneur looking for a high quality product to promote – one created by an entire team of top experts in their field, proven effective, and backed by a solid no-hassle risk-free money-back satisfaction guarantee…… need look no further for what you’re after.

The Stavrou Method and our Affiliate Sales Program are tailor-made for you.If you’re a person of integrity who would like to help others improve their lives … who can appreciate enjoying an ongoing, almost totally hands-free income stream, endorsing a product good enough to share with those who trust your opinion…Then YES!  You could soon be doing very well promoting and profiting from one of the most effective, easy-to-follow, all-inclusive fitness and fat-loss programs on the Web today … simply by joining the Stavrou Method Affiliate Program. This opportunity could be especially appealing to, and lucrative for, professionals and business owners in the healthcare, fitness, sports, and general wellness fields – being an ideal complement to what you’re already doing.

Click on link below to sign up as a sub-affiliate of Willie Crawford

Fill in the opt-in form below so that I can keep in touch with you about our promotion of The Stavrou Method

You will be sent affiliate tools, resources, swipe copy, pre-launch videos, etc. to help YOU get the most out of our promotional efforts!

How much could you earn?

Because of such variables as the size of your subscriber base (your “List”), and the extent to which you might promote The Stavrou Method, it’s difficult to say just how much money you could conceivably earn. (Please read the disclaimer in your affiliate agreement when you receive it.)  Nonetheless, I can safely say the income potential is virtually unlimited. Obviously, when you treat this like a real business, regardless how much or how little time you put into it, your affiliate sales and income rise accordingly.

When anyone who has purchased The Stavrou Method through your affiliate link also joins our membership site, 60% of their monthly fee goes directly to you – every month!  As you can imagine, when you add this to your front-end commissions on sales of the Stavrou Method package, your income earning potential can really start piling up.  When you join our affiliate program using the link below, you get instant access to our exclusive Affiliate Tools Collection. You’ll also be automatically subscribed to our Affiliate Group that keeps you up-to-date on promotions, new marketing tools and tactics, and the very best ways to build your business

The Package (front end)

$127US 60% commission

The Stavrou Method Community (Back End)

$37US/month 60% commission

It’s FREE and Easy To Get Started.  Remember, becoming a Stavrou Method affiliate is absolutely FREE and easy – all you need to do is simply fill out the registration form below. We do the rest.  To become a Stavrou Method affiliate today, simply follow the instructions at the links below so you can have immediate access to all our marketing materials and support services. You’ll get an e-mail from me almost immediately, explaining in simple step-by-step terms exactly how to get started promoting the program

I wish you all the very best in your affiliate endeavors, and I look forward to our continuing relationship!  Yours for greater health AND profits 

George Stavrou

Author of The Stavrou Method

P.S. – Within a few minutes after filling in the form below and hitting “Send”, you should receive an e-mail from me. You must confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link, or you won’t receive our affiliate newsletters!


Every time someone clicks your link, visits and makes a purchase there … you earn a commission on the sale. Simple as that!

Application processing generally takes only a few minutes after we review it.

As soon as your application is approved, you will receive your exclusive affiliate link. And as soon as you start using that link on a website or in e-mails … you’re in business!

you really don’t have any “obligations” to The Stavrou Method Affiliate Program. Your obligations are to yourself (putting in the effort required to obtain your dreams) and to your subscribers/customers/friends (being honest and ethical while spreading the word about something that could improve their lives immeasurably)

Yes. If we find you are acting unethically, we will deactivate your affiliate status and settle up your account. I will not allow spamming! I won’t be associated in any way with anyone using such unethical business practices.

Also, please be aware of the recent CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spamming Legislation. Visit the links below for more information on CASL and how it affects your business.

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By signing up as an affiliate of The Stavrou Method, you understand and agree that The Stavrou Method, it’s owner, associates, co-authors, distributors, will not be held liable for those that do not abide by the CASL.

We offer our customers a 45-day no hassle money back guarantee on our package. If you are an affiliate of JVZoo,  have overall sales of 100 or more  AND been referred by Willie Crawford – you will be approved for Instant Payment.

If your sales are less than 100, you will be approved for Delayed Commissions.You will be paid 45 days after the sale has been made unless a refund has been requested on that sale

You are able to track your commissions by logging into your affiliate area

That’s EASY! Simply complete the form below

Click on link below to sign up as a sub-affiliate of Willie Crawford

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